Optician, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist?

The Differences Between Eye Doctors  When you have a problem with your eyes, you may know you need to see an eye doctor, but do you need an appointment with an optician, an optometrist, or an ophthalmologist? You would be forgiven for thinking that they are all the same. Many people don't know the difference between different types of eye doctors, and confusion is common when you try to sort out which specialist you need. [Read More]

The Five Tests Eye Doctors Typically Administer

Most people should be going to the eye doctor every one to two years for a checkup. The process is quite painless, and it ensures that if you do have any eye-related diseases or ailments, they are detected before they become too serious. But what actually happens when you visit your eye doctor? Well, they'll generally administer these five basic tests. 1. Vision Test This is a fancy version of looking at an eye chart. [Read More]

4 Tips To Make Eye Care Affordable

You visit the doctor once a year to make sure your body is healthy. Your eyes deserve the same treatment. Proper eye care can prevent infections, injuries, and vision loss. Here are four tips to make eye care more affordable: 1. Visit the eye doctor as often as recommended. Certain people need to visit the eye doctor every year. Anyone who is at increased risk of vision problems due to health concerns, including chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, should see their optometrist annually. [Read More]

Have Healthy Vision? What You Can Do To Keep It That Way

 If you have healthy vision, then you are very blessed. That could change though if you aren't careful with your vision health. If your vision health isn't being taken care of properly, it could take a toll on your vision and you could end up needing eyeglasses within no time at all. To help prevent losing your perfect vision, there are a few things you can do. Read on for some helpful tips to keep your vision healthy. [Read More]