Optometrists Take a Look

Some Services Optometrists Offer

You should have a basic understanding of the various services that an optometrist can offer. This way, you know when to go to them. Here is some information on some of the main services they offer.

Optometrists will perform vision exams

Most people know that optometrists offer eye exams. However, they may not know how important it is to have these eye exams regularly. When you see an optometrist for an eye exam, it's important to follow their instructions regarding when to come back for your next exam. 

They will use factors like your age, family history, and other things to determine when you should come back. Missing your scheduled eye exam can mean not catching eye issues in the early stages. 

Prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses

Once your optometrist has given you the vision exam, they may give you a prescription for eyeglasses. If you choose to go with contacts, they will fit you for them and give you a prescription for them as well. 

You can purchase glasses and contacts directly from the optometrist. However, you can also take the prescription and buy them somewhere else. Many people choose to buy from the optometrist because it is convenient. Plus, you can take the glasses into them if you need anything adjusted. 

Check for glaucoma and other eye issues

When you go in for your exam, they will also give you a test that checks for glaucoma. This test is optional and a bit uncomfortable, but it is important because it's best to catch glaucoma in the early stages. Therefore, you should go through with having it done. 

They also use a light to look into your eyes. They can see a lot with this light, such as if there is an issue with your cornea beginning to detach and other issues. 

The optometrist will monitor issues

If you have eye problems, or you have a condition that increases your chances of eye problems, then the optometrist will continue to monitor your condition. This is important because while some eye conditions can progress slowly, others can progress quickly. Going in regularly to be checked allows the optometrist to catch things that are going wrong right away. 

If you need any kind of eye therapy, then this is something else the optometrist may be able to help you with. They can also refer you to an ophthalmologist or another type of specialist if they find something that needs to be looked at and/or treated by such a specialist.