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3 Tips To Care For Your Vision

Your eyes are just like any organ in the body, and they need to be cared for and concerned for just like any of your organs. Unfortunately, not everyone cares for their eyes and vision like they would the other organs of the body, which is why your vision can wear out if you don't care for it properly. You need to take the proper steps to take care of your vision to prevent it from wearing out. Read on for some vision care tips.

1. Use Proper Vision PPE While At Work

If you work in an environment that you need to protect your eyes, you need to take those steps to do so. Your eyes can get harmed at work from flying debris or from chemicals or other things such as flash burn from a welding torch. You need to protect your eyes properly. Be sure to follow your employer's PPE orders in the workplace and protect your eyes as much as you can. Wear protective eyeglasses, safety glasses, or a welding helmet to protect your eyes and your vision.

2. Wear Your Contact Lenses Appropriately

Wear your contact lenses as they should be worn. Wear them daily, but take them out at night to give your eyes a break from wearing them. Your eyes still need to "breathe," so take out the contact lenses to get some oxygen to your eyes. Only wear your contact lenses as they should be worn, which means you shouldn't wear them to bed to sleep in, unless directed, and you shouldn't wear them for longer than the manufacturer's instructions say to wear them.

3. Get A Yearly Eye Exam

Make sure you go to a vision care center for an eye exam every year. You need to have your vision checked and your eyes examined, not only to update your prescription, but to be sure there is nothing going on with the health of your eyes. You need to have your vision checked every year, and make sure to update your lenses at your appointment.

If you aren't doing what you can to take care of your eyes and your vision, you could be doing yourself a major disservice. Make an eye appointment today at your local vision care center for an eye exam and to update your prescription lenses. Talk to the optometrist about other eye and vision care tips to take good care of your eyes.