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How To Prevent Your Eyewear From Breaking

It is an investment to buy eyeglasses, and when it comes to how important your vision is, you will want to make sure that you protect this investment. However, due to the fact that glasses are often worn daily and can be incredibly fragile, there is a good chance that they can become damaged. To make sure that you have your glasses for some time and that you do not have to visit the optometrist to have them repaired, here are several tips that will help you protect them and prevent unnecessary damage.

Always Use an Eyeglass Case

Each time you take your glasses off, it is important that you put them in a hard eyeglass case, as this will help to minimize the risk of them getting crushed. If the glasses are in a case, there is less of a chance of you sitting on them or placing an object on them. Plus, it will reduce the chances of you forgetting where you placed them.

Remove Them Gently

A lot of individuals will grasp one side of the eyeglass frame and pull them forward in order to take their eyewear off. Doing this, however, can result in the hinges becoming misshapen. So, to avoid this, simply place your hands on either side of the frames and gently pull the eyeglasses forward and up around your eyes, as this will help to reduce the friction.

Prevent Changes in Temperature

It is important that you never leave your eyeglasses in your vehicle because intense cold or heat can cause damage to your eyewear. The reason damage occurs is that the material expands and contracts due to the temperature changes. The changes in temperature could cause the frames to become misshapen, the lenses to crack, etc. Therefore, make sure that you always bring your eyeglasses inside your house, school, or work with you.

Wear Appropriate Frames

If you notice that your eyeglasses tend to break frequently, you may want to purchase durable, thick lenses made from plastic. Alternatively, you could opt for memory metal frames that have the capability of bending without breaking. Also, make sure that you always add a warranty when you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, which will ensure you can get the repairs you need when you need them.

Perform Routine Maintenance

You should make sure that you always have a repair kit for eyeglasses on hand for when screws need to be tightened. This repair kit should include soft cloths that can be used to clean your lenses and nose pads to improve your comfort. By working to maintain your eyewear, you can make sure your eyeglasses fit more comfortably while preventing wear and tear.

For more information about protecting your eyewear, get in touch with an optometrist clinic in your area.