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Three Ways To Make Contact Lenses More Comfortable On Dry Eyes

Contact lenses are a great way of seeing clearly for a large number of people, but they don't work perfectly for everyone. If you have dry eyes and are having difficulty seeing clearly with contacts, or notice that they become uncomfortable after a while, give these tips a shot and see if they make a difference for you.

Use a Wet, Soft Contact

First off, you should start off with a variety of soft contact lens that's intended for people with dry eyes like you. These tend to be referred to as "wet" contact lenses as they maintain their moisture level better than other contacts. These contacts may be a good solution for you, but you can also use them in combination with the steps below to increase your comfort even further.

Use Eye Drops

Eye drops are one good way to maintain moisture in your eyes throughout the day. You can use simple saline, like the kind found in contact lens cleaning solution, or you can use eye drops that are specifically intended for dry eyes.

For maximum efficiency, it's best to use these eye drops before putting your contacts in. This way you're helping to maintain the moisture barrier under the contact. Then, if needed as the contacts dry out through the day, you can use more eye drops to replenish their moisture without taking them out. 

Drink Water

Lastly, it might surprise you, but some people have dry eyes because they don't drink enough water. Poor hydration has an impact on the entire body. If you don't drink enough of it or aren't sure if you do, just try pulling on the skin on the back of your hand for a few seconds and then releasing it. If it snaps back, you're likely well hydrated. If it's slow to sink down to the level of the hand, you're dehydrated and it may be having an impact on your eyes, as well. Try to drink more water through the day and see if that makes a difference.

Lastly, if you're still not happy with your contact lenses, get in touch with an eye doctor. They may be able to change the type of contact that you use or offer a prescription eye drop that can help to lubricate your eyes and contacts better than over-the-counter products can. Most people can ultimately be happy with their contact lenses, but it does require a bit of trial and error for some, so don't give up!

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