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4 Tips To Make Eye Care Affordable

You visit the doctor once a year to make sure your body is healthy. Your eyes deserve the same treatment. Proper eye care can prevent infections, injuries, and vision loss. Here are four tips to make eye care more affordable:

1. Visit the eye doctor as often as recommended.

Certain people need to visit the eye doctor every year. Anyone who is at increased risk of vision problems due to health concerns, including chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, should see their optometrist annually. People who wear contacts will also need to see their eye doctor once a year to renew their prescriptions. However, people who wear glasses can visit their optometrist every two years instead, as long as they can still see adequately. Adults with perfect vision should go to the doctor every three to five years. Making an eye doctor appointment only as frequently as recommended can help you save money.

2. Utilize your health insurance benefits.

Health insurance plans pay for vision care as part of their routine coverage. Eye exams are considered preventative care, so they are often fully covered. If they're not, you will likely only owe a small copay. Some health insurance plans allocate a certain amount of money each year to vision aids and contact lens fittings. The amount of money available for your use resets at the end of each calendar year and does not rollover. Make the most of your health insurance by using your benefits before they expire. If you don't require an eye doctor appointment, you may want to use the money for additional pairs of contact lenses or a new pair of glasses.

3. Purchase eyeglasses from your optometrist.

Many optometrists also sell eyeglasses and sunglasses. Purchasing glasses from your optometrist is the most convenient way to get the vision aids you need. It can also save you money since optometrists offer reasonable prices for their patients. Standard frames will always be cheaper than frames made by designer brands, and they work just as well. Your optometrist can also repair or adjust your glasses as needed if you find that your frames don't fit quite right in the future.

4. Purchase a generic contact lens solution.

People who wear contact lenses must clean their lenses every time they remove them. Contact lens solution cleans away bacteria, protein deposits, and other unwanted substances that can cause an infection. You must always wash your contacts with a solution meant for that purpose. Water will damage your contacts and does not have the same cleaning properties. However, you can save money by purchasing generic versions of the contact lens solutions you prefer. To learn more about affordable eye care, contact a company such as Cohen's Fashion Optical.